Harrisville School has a zone which stops at Dominion Road (near the railway).

Please contact Janine Andersen, our wonderful office administrator for details on the Harrisville School zone. Janine will be able to tell you if your street is inside the zone.

What is a school zone?
The Ministry of Education sets an area (zone) that controls the size of the school. If you live inside the zone your children are automatically able to attend Harrisville School.

If we live in the school zone do we still need to enrol our child?
Yes. All children need to be officially enrolled at a school.
If you do this when your child is 4 - 41/2 we can arrange school visits to give them the opportunity to experience school before they start at 5.

What do we do if we live outside the school zone?
You would need to fill out a ballot form. Ballots occur in September/October. The school advertises prior to the ballot to let the community know which year levels have spaces for the following year.
Timeline:Closing date for out-of-zone ballot is MONDAY 16th OCTOBER
               Ballot draw takes place on MONDAY 30th OCTOBER
There are limited spaces in the different year levels.

If we already have a child at Harrisville because they were accepted by ballot, do we have to go in the ballot for their little brothers and sisters?
Yes. The rules of ballot means that every child living outside the school zone must go through the ballot process, even if they already have a sibling at the school.

If you would like to discuss this further or get more information call into the school or give us a ring and we will be only too pleased to help you.
 09 2368795