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Principal's Page

2016 has been a really awesome year ... full of growth and challenges!
There have been plenty of opportunties for our students, parents and whanau, teachers, and the BOT to work together to ensure Harrisville children get even more of the opportunities and education they so richly deserve. We building on the things we do well and getting together to share our aspirations and goals, to plan and action the things that are important for each and every child at Harrisville School.
And lets not forget to have lots of fun along the way!

Welcome to our new students...
Part of the charm of our school is that we are not too big and really enphasise the semi-rural aspect of where we are positioned. Because of our size we consider ourselves as one big family. Every teacher knows every student, even if they don't teach them, and the studnets feel that all teachers are their for them, not just their hub teachers.

All children, school-wide, represent the school well when they are out and about on trips and sporting events. We regularly have people coming up to commend them on their manners and behaviour.

Every day is full of challenges and support.

Our Strategic Plan guides what we do and has been written as the result of the BOTs community consultations. The focus is always on our children, how they learn best and the things they need to support them.

We have so many exciting things planned for 2016 to motivate our learners and to support them in every aspect of school life and education.

Kris Burden
TTC, AdvDipTeach, PGDipEdAdmin. Lead.

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