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2016 Stationery list

To save you from chasing around over the holidays trying to track down books & to save time, petrol and headaches!!  Stationery will be available from the office:

Thursday 28 January  10:00 – 12:00                 Friday 29 January  1:00 – 3:00                and every day from the start of the school year - office openss at 8:30 am

Staff update
Welcome to Mrs Rachael Buller teaching in Ruaumoko alongside Mrs Simone Shore. 

Welcome to Harrisville School  :)

The school website is designed to help you, your child and your family to find every you need to make life at school easy.

Click on the Parents' Page tab and you will find a drop down for Newsletters, Enrolment and Parent Surveys.
Other useful tabs are - Events - for things happening at school, PTA for cool fundraising events, under the HS Curriculum tab you will find Home Learning and the National Standards tab has great guides to help explain each level of the standards.

The attachments at the bottom of this page enable you to access our current Information book and a useful guide to help prepare 5 years for school.

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The Principal,
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