Reporting to Parents

Reporting to Parents

At Harrisville School our door is always open especially when it is to discuss learning. It is essential that we all have a clear understanding of your childs learning needs and progessions and work together to support your child’s learning. 

We use a range of formal, informal, oral and written means to communicate each student’s progress. 

Written Reports :
You will receive two formal reports a year. 
An interim report in term 2 shows the student’s progress against the curriculum levels and towards the learning goals which were made at the beginning of the year and identifies next steps.

An end-of-year report is the culmination of a year of goal setting, planning, reviewing and reflection on the part of the student, the teacher, and the parents, family and whānau. It’s a statement that sums up the year, celebrates what has been learned and sets the framework for the next year. 

Conferences are an important opportunity to have conversations about learning and better understand the needs of each student. We like to involve our students in the reporting process and allow them to share their successes and next steps. During the conference we will be viewing student learning reports, and assessment data. We will also be sharing ideas on how best to move your child's learning forward.  

Informal Reporting:
Includes informal meetings and discussions, viewing students books and work, celebrations of achievements in our school newsletter, website or at special assemblies. 

Education Review Office

The Education Review Office is the New Zealand government department that evaluates and reports on the education and care of students in schools and early childhood services. 
ERO reports are used by parents, teachers, principals and trustees and by government policy makers. 
The education reviews and reports to boards of trustees and the Government on the quality of education provided for children in individual schools. 
On average, schools are reviewed once every three years. ERO reports are public and we invite you to follow the link to  last ERO review which was conducted in 2015-2016.

As a school we value your input when determining what is important for the children of Harrisville School. Periodically we will consult our community on a variety of aspects of our school and curriculum.

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