Like all schools in New Zealand, we have the privilege of developing a local curriculum with the New Zealand Curriculum as our guiding document. This world-class document enables local communities to develop a localised curriculum in response to the principles, values and vision of the New Zealand Curriculum.

The teaching of Mathematics in classrooms is given priority.

Teachers assess children’s needs and group accordingly.
Teachers challenge children to achieve and develop a positive attitude towards learning mathematics.At Harrisville, children can verbalise what they are learning to do and are aware of their next learning step.
Equipment is an important component and classes have a range of resources to supplement the programme.
The teaching of Maths includes 80% Numeracy Years 1-4 (generally) and 55-65% Numeracy Years 5-6 (generally). Other strand teaching is in Statistics, Measurement and Geometry. Numeracy is focused on developing children's understanding of numbers, and their ability to use numbers to solve problems. Children may solve number problems by counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, or combinations of these.

Literacy (reading, writing, oral and visual language) is also given priority in class programmes. Teachers assess children’s learning needs using a range of assessment tools and monitor progress against national curriculum levels of achievement. Needs-based group teaching is a mandatory component of numeracy and literacy teaching in all classes. Learning is scaffolded to assist children to meet their goals. Teaching programmes are well resourced with materials to motivate, engage and challenge children.

Gifted and Talented children at Harrisville School are those with potential, or who display, relative to their peer group, outstanding general or specific abilities, behaviours and qualities in the following areas :
Athletic, Creative, Cultural, Intellectual, Personal / Social / Leadership, Technological, Visual and Performing Arts
We recognise that some students maybe Twice Exception ( 2E) which means that they may have gifts beyond their peers in conjuction with a learning disability.
Gifted and Talented students may require differentiated programmes and/or services ( such as social and emotional support ) in order to realise their contribution to self and society.
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Other Learning Areas 
The other learning areas are Science, Technology, Health and Physical Education and the Arts (Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Music). Achievement in these areas are measured against the New Zealand Curriculum Levels (see diagram below). 

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