Digital Technologies

BYOD at Harrisville School

Harrisville School runs a Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) programme for our Year 4 to 6 Students.  The purpose of this is to support your child’s learning.

1.   Students are allowed to bring a Chromebook or laptop (preferably Chromebook).
2.   We recommend that the device has a protective case and if purchasing new consider a warranty.
3.   Children are expected to bring their device home each night to charge.
4.   The classes have a locked facility to store the devices when they are not in use. It is the student’s responsibility (under the teacher’s guidance) to ensure they put their device in the storage facility.
5.   Children are not allowed to use their devices before school, morning tea or lunch. They will be locked away during these times.
6.   The device is covered by the owner’s insurance.
7.   The school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to the device.
8.   A computing device is a very powerful tool for engaging in the learning, but it is not the only tool that teachers use to deliver high-quality teaching. The device is used at the teachers’ discretion. Whether or not technology is used in class on any given day depends entirely upon the teachers’ judgment about the best tools to use for instruction.
9.   The school may not be able to support any technical issues and/or upgrades of the equipment/device.
10.  Conditions of the school’s Internet Use Agreement with students apply.

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