Positive Behaviour for Learning

Postive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

Harrisville School implements PB4L initiatives to support improvements in learning and behaviour.

The PB4L initiative has been very successful across many schools in New Zealand. It is an evidence-based framework and looks at behaviour and learning from a whole school and individual student perspective.

It provides schools with a process for teaching social and behavioural skills and helps to develop and reinforce a positive, proactive and systematic approach based on school data.

It takes the approach that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if the school environment is positive and supportive expectations are consistently clear students are consistently taught expected behaviours expected behaviours are consistently acknowledged inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fair and equitable way.

"PB4L aims to provide a positive school climate and to create a supportive environment for personal, social, and academic growth for students and staff. In other words, the school-wide plan is essentially an instrument to enable the goals of the school to be achieved, especially the goals of student achievement." Colvin, 2007, page 10

Useful links: Ministry of Education PB4L, Bully Free NZ 

The 4Rs- Respect Responsibility Resilience Relationships

Respect Manaakitanga 
We respect ourselves 
We respect others
We respect our environment
We value integrity, sincerity and respect towards differences, beliefs, language and cultures. We uphold and develop others mana and mauri.
Other values include: honesty, integrity, loyalty, aroha, sincerity, compassion,

Responsibility Takohanga
We make the right choice
We own our choices
We manage ourselves
We value a collective responsibility for people and the environment by: Managing ourselves, making the right choice and owning our choices.
Other values include: independence, reliability, fairness, turangawaewae – a sense of belonging /ownership

Resilience Manawaroa
We continue to try hard no matter how hard the situation
We never give up
We believe we can
We learn from our mistakes
We encourage and support learning the necessary skills and ability to keep trying to do something even when things are difficult or obstacles get in the way by
Other values include tolerance, perseverance stamina, staying power, endurance, determination

Relationships Whanaungatanga 
We have Manaaki for each other
We Tautoko each other 
We stand by each other
We value a diverse cultural environment in which students and teachers converse, share experiences, and participate together, make for engaged connections/ Reciprocal and responsive relationships
Other values include: cooperation, taitoko, manaaki, kinship, collaboration

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